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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Grey Home

    I don't watch episodic television much, especially former Yugoslav TV programing from 1984-85, but fortune (and Mario Gaborović) stepped in and changed that. Sivi Dom (Grey Home) is a well-crafted, impeccably written and skillfully directed 12 hours of realism and drama centered in and around a Reform School near Belgrade 5 years after the death of Tito during a time of political transition.

  2. Samuel T.'s rating of the film Grey Home

    Forget the so-called "golden age of television"- this is the most scathing 652 minutes ever made for TV, decades before such a term was coined. Funded by UNICEF, a merciless study of Yugoslavian youths (and their elders) who've found themselves in reform school. Through a palette of murk: hopelessness, injustice, emptiness; the soundtrack Carpenteresque, but one unique hymn will engrain your brain long after credits