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  1. Photo of Eugene Boyko

    Eugene Boyko Cinematography

  2. Photo of Lewis McLeod

    Lewis McLeod Cinematography

  3. Photo of Michel Thomas-d'Hoste

    Michel Thomas-d'Hoste Cinematography

  4. Photo of Magí Torruella

    Magí Torruella Cinematography

  5. Photo of Jacques Fogel

    Jacques Fogel Cinematography

  6. Photo of Les Halman

    Les Halman Editing

  7. Photo of John Kramer

    John Kramer Editing

  8. Photo of Annick de Bellefeuille

    Annick de Bellefeuille Editing

  9. Photo of Bev Davidson

    Bev Davidson Sound

  10. Photo of Colin Charles

    Colin Charles Sound

  11. Photo of Gildas LeSausse

    Gildas LeSausse Sound

  12. Photo of Ron Seltzer

    Ron Seltzer Sound

  13. Photo of Hans Oomes

    Hans Oomes Sound

  14. Photo of Roger Blais

    Roger Blais Producer and Director

  15. Photo of David Bairstow

    David Bairstow Executive Producer