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  1. dvvca's rating of the film Grim

  2. JM M----'s rating of the film Grim

    Ito's work with space, light, and sound are on a level of their own. I still don't know how he made this thing, and am constantly thinking about it. This is the kind of work that gets me excited about the universe and all its mysteries.

  3. Levi Miah's rating of the film Grim

    Ito treats the room as more of a psychological space than an architectural one, concentrating on fragmented human action within it rather than its geometric possibilities within stop-motion photography. It naturally delves into geometric experimentation, possibly putting us into a human perspective as the image cycles repeat and attempts to exit are met with infinity.

  4. El pocho lavezzi's rating of the film Grim

  5. Emil Kurjak's rating of the film Grim

  6. Juan D.'s rating of the film Grim

    Kinda ahead of its time: "... this results not only in changes in the notion of "human " but reformulations of the social environment also , because we are not facing a society constituted only by human beings, but non-human agents are becoming increasingly important , and the interaction between humans and nonhumans transform our ideas of life in society." J.D.

  7. Henri de Corinth's rating of the film Grim

  8. Luluah's rating of the film Grim

  9. Sefer Taslı Sapık's rating of the film Grim

    and that Maneki-neko with a sudden ray of light.

  10. Markus Baumknecht's rating of the film Grim

    It's like a dark, massive, captivating, nauseating tech demo of sorts. There are techniques in there which I've never seen before.