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  1. Photo of Xavier Koller

    Xavier Koller Director

  2. Photo of Stefan Kolditz

    Stefan Kolditz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kurt Tucholsky

    Kurt Tucholsky Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ulrich Noethen

    Ulrich Noethen Cast

  5. Photo of Heike Makatsch

    Heike Makatsch Cast

  6. Photo of Jasmin Tabatabai

    Jasmin Tabatabai Cast

  7. Photo of Marcus Thomas

    Marcus Thomas Cast

  8. Photo of Rudolf Wessely

    Rudolf Wessely Cast

  9. Photo of Horst Krause

    Horst Krause Cast

  10. Photo of Leif Liljeroth

    Leif Liljeroth Cast

  11. Photo of Inger Nilsson

    Inger Nilsson Cast

  12. Photo of Anette Felber

    Anette Felber Cast

  13. Photo of Sara Föttinger

    Sara Föttinger Cast

  14. Photo of Katharina Blaschke

    Katharina Blaschke Cast

  15. Photo of Gerlinde Klug

    Gerlinde Klug Cast

  16. Photo of Giora Seeliger

    Giora Seeliger Cast

  17. Photo of Lena Reichmuth

    Lena Reichmuth Cast

  18. Photo of Daniel Blum

    Daniel Blum Producer

  19. Photo of Barbara Christian

    Barbara Christian Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Manfred Fritsch

    Manfred Fritsch Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Ingrid Haunold

    Ingrid Haunold Producer

  22. Photo of Martin Schmassmann

    Martin Schmassmann Producer

  23. Photo of Thomas Wilkening

    Thomas Wilkening Producer

  24. Photo of David Klein

    David Klein Music

  25. Photo of Olivier Truan

    Olivier Truan Music

  26. Photo of Pio Corradi

    Pio Corradi Cinematography

  27. Photo of Patricia Rommel

    Patricia Rommel Editing

  28. Photo of Peter Manhardt

    Peter Manhardt Production Design