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  1. Photo of Michael Steiner

    Michael Steiner Director

  2. Photo of Jürg Brändli

    Jürg Brändli Screenplay

  3. Photo of Tobias Fueter

    Tobias Fueter Screenplay and Editing

  4. Photo of Rene Lüchinger

    Rene Lüchinger Screenplay

  5. Photo of Michael Sauter

    Michael Sauter Screenplay

  6. Photo of Hanspeter Müller

    Hanspeter Müller Cast

  7. Photo of Gilles Tschudi

    Gilles Tschudi Cast

  8. Photo of László I. Kish

    László I. Kish Cast

  9. Photo of Rainer Guldener

    Rainer Guldener Cast

  10. Photo of Katharina von Bock

    Katharina von Bock Cast

  11. Photo of Michael Neuenschwander

    Michael Neuenschwander Cast

  12. Photo of Ueli Jäggi

    Ueli Jäggi Cast

  13. Photo of Georg Scharegg

    Georg Scharegg Cast

  14. Photo of Walter Hess

    Walter Hess Cast

  15. Photo of Niklaus Scheibli

    Niklaus Scheibli Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Jecklin

    Peter Jecklin Cast

  17. Photo of Helmut Förnbacher

    Helmut Förnbacher Cast

  18. Photo of Andrea Bettini

    Andrea Bettini Cast

  19. Photo of Daniel Rohr

    Daniel Rohr Cast

  20. Photo of Pasquale Aleardi

    Pasquale Aleardi Cast

  21. Photo of Stefanie Japp

    Stefanie Japp Cast

  22. Photo of Enzo Scanzi

    Enzo Scanzi Cast

  23. Photo of Leonardo Nigro

    Leonardo Nigro Cast

  24. Photo of Tiziana Jelmini

    Tiziana Jelmini Cast

  25. Photo of Hans Heinz Moser

    Hans Heinz Moser Cast

  26. Photo of Stefan Gubser

    Stefan Gubser Cast

  27. Photo of Joris Gratwohl

    Joris Gratwohl Cast

  28. Photo of Lukas Schaller

    Lukas Schaller Cast

  29. Photo of Filip Zumbrunn

    Filip Zumbrunn Cinematography

  30. Photo of Adrian Frutiger

    Adrian Frutiger Music

  31. Photo of Thérèse Traber

    Thérèse Traber Production Design

  32. Photo of Peter-Christian Fueter

    Peter-Christian Fueter Producer

  33. Photo of Pascal Najadi

    Pascal Najadi Producer

  34. Photo of Denis Rabaglia

    Denis Rabaglia Producer

  35. Photo of Gisela Weibel

    Gisela Weibel Editing