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  1. Photo of Jorge Ulla

    Jorge Ulla Director

  2. Photo of Clara Hernandez

    Clara Hernandez Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Orestes Matacena

    Orestes Matacena Cast and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Marilyn Pupo

    Marilyn Pupo Cast

  5. Photo of Raimundo Hidalgo-Gato

    Raimundo Hidalgo-Gato Cast

  6. Photo of Marco Santiago

    Marco Santiago Cast

  7. Photo of Rolando Barral

    Rolando Barral Cast

  8. Photo of Jose Bahmonde

    Jose Bahmonde Cast

  9. Photo of Oswaldo Calvo

    Oswaldo Calvo Cast

  10. Photo of Mercedes Enriquez

    Mercedes Enriquez Cast

  11. Photo of Griselda Nogueras

    Griselda Nogueras Cast