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  1. Photo of Rustam Ibragimbekov

    Rustam Ibragimbekov Screenplay

  2. Photo of Roman Balayan

    Roman Balayan Director

  3. Photo of Vilen Kalyuta

    Vilen Kalyuta Cinematography

  4. Photo of Aleksei Levchenko

    Aleksei Levchenko Production Design

  5. Photo of Vadim Khrapachyov

    Vadim Khrapachyov Music

  6. Photo of Lyudmila Lyubenskaya

    Lyudmila Lyubenskaya Sound

  7. Photo of Yelena Lukashenko

    Yelena Lukashenko Editing

  8. Photo of Mikhail Kostyukovsky

    Mikhail Kostyukovsky Producer

  9. Photo of Oleg Yankovsky

    Oleg Yankovsky Cast

  10. Photo of Tatyana Drubich

    Tatyana Drubich Cast

  11. Photo of Aleksandr Abdulov

    Aleksandr Abdulov Cast

  12. Photo of Aleksandr Zbruev

    Aleksandr Zbruev Cast

  13. Photo of Aleksandr Adabashyan

    Aleksandr Adabashyan Cast

  14. Photo of Bulat Okudzhava

    Bulat Okudzhava Cast

  15. Photo of Mikhail Kozakov

    Mikhail Kozakov Cast

  16. Photo of Yelena Brizinskaya

    Yelena Brizinskaya Cast

  17. Photo of Galina Dolgozvyaga

    Galina Dolgozvyaga Cast

  18. Photo of Yelena Lyukshinova

    Yelena Lyukshinova Cast