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  1. mpho3's rating of the film Güeros

    Nothing but straight up love for this film! "Like it says in the Koran, 'A man without hope is like a beast.' Forgive me for wanting to cry, but I have experienced that...." -- Immigrant street person to Tomas.

  2. The Macho King's rating of the film Güeros

    Great B&W cinematography & drawn out directing that perfectly accentuates the dreariness and the mundane of existence in the vain of early Jim Jarmusch- in a good way(humor too). This film exists somewheres between the stillness of the fleeting moments of the present & the constant unyielding tide of the passage of time thats passing us by. Whether or not we chose to do anything inbetween the two is entirely up to us

  3. Carlos Tejeda's rating of the film Güeros

    Artículo (suplemento cultural "It's playtime"):

  4. auloel's rating of the film Güeros

  5. kokeshi's rating of the film Güeros

    3,5 per l'esattezza. Gran bella fotografia!

  6. Sergio Fernandez's rating of the film Güeros

  7. Henrique Amud's rating of the film Güeros

    Tenoch Huerta's performance was hypnotizing. For the first 10 to 15 minutes, it looked more like a parody of indie filmmaking 101, but then all of a sudden it geared up to be a flawed but still fascinating surreal landscape of Mexico City. I'm generally not a fan of digging up Nouvelle Vague from its grave, but Alonso Ruiz managed to do it right. Anyways, this is just my kind of weird.

  8. ebabehh's rating of the film Güeros

    Starting slow, hyper-stylish, and relatively devoid of dialogue, I feared no substance, a meandering Mexican Napoleon Dynamite in black-and-white, or a hermetic sensorium about addiction. But like La Haine, once it gets revving, it doesn't stop, and pieces hinted at resurface and accumulate in different contexts. The youthful pursuit of the present/absent artist, student riots, and Mexico City owe much to Bolaño.

  9. Nerviosismo's rating of the film Güeros

  10. María F. Guerrero's rating of the film Güeros

    Youth in México has never been captured better

  11. Xexmaín's rating of the film Güeros

  12. alonsoelias's rating of the film Güeros

    - ¿en dónde estamos? - en la ciudad de México

  13. blyniukas's rating of the film Güeros

    what an absolute gem! i think it is pure impressionism in film - it is about fleeting moments, the beauty of them, the memories that you make for yourself while young and impressionable. i think it is delightfully careless and fanciful, but what is best about it, is that it doesn't take itself seriously. the delicate, self-reflective humour with sarcastic undertones - that's what makes it miles away from pretentious.

  14. Dan's rating of the film Güeros

    Palacios' film is brilliant at capturing strange and quiet moments. It's also the second best Mexican road trip film. Oh, DF/CDM (whatever you're rebranding yourself as)... you look so beautiful in that light.

  15. Benjamin Krystek's rating of the film Güeros

  16. Salah Hassan's rating of the film Güeros

  17. Ebru Yörükoğlu's rating of the film Güeros

  18. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Güeros

    Nouvelle Vague permeates this film throughout but such overt references are hardly a problem when the result is as droll and engaging as this.

  19. seakat's rating of the film Güeros

    Una entretenida tomada de pelo.

  20. εξώτερο Διάστημα's rating of the film Güeros

    Replete with a New Wavy swing, to say that Güeros is mere looks means to dismiss photography’s savvy to deliver a mundane-rooted fable so fast and consummately, it baffles verbatim articulation – Cartier-Bresson's & street photographers’ “decisive moment”, the never-repeated split of a second & alert, roving readiness to fish the rare out of the hic et nunc. Seen holding this in mind, the film plot is a story arc for

  21. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Güeros

    6.1/10, my review:

  22. Andrea's rating of the film Güeros

  23. Polyglot's rating of the film Güeros

    That "4th wall breaking" scene in the car during the trip to the university caught me by surprise. Wow.

  24. redux's rating of the film Güeros

    The kind of indie where the lack of a real story is compensated with 'quirky' bits at every turn, so in the end it relies more heavily on suspension of disbelief than any Hollywood blockbuster.

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