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  1. Photo of Art Clokey

    Art Clokey Director, Screenplay, Cast, Cinematography & 1 more
    Art Clokey Director, Screenplay, Cast, Cinematography, Animation

  2. Photo of Gloria Clokey

    Gloria Clokey Screenplay and Cast

  3. Photo of Dal McKennon

    Dal McKennon Cast

  4. Photo of Manny La Carruba

    Manny La Carruba Cast

  5. Photo of Alice Young

    Alice Young Cast

  6. Photo of Janet McDuff

    Janet McDuff Cast

  7. Photo of Patti Morse

    Patti Morse Cast

  8. Photo of Bonnie Rudolph

    Bonnie Rudolph Cast

  9. Photo of David Ozzie Ahlers

    David Ozzie Ahlers Cast

  10. Photo of David Archer

    David Archer Cast

  11. Photo of Lillian Nicol

    Lillian Nicol Cast

  12. Photo of Rick Warren

    Rick Warren Cast

  13. Photo of Jerry Gerber

    Jerry Gerber Music

  14. Photo of Marilyn McCoppen

    Marilyn McCoppen Editing

  15. Photo of Lynn Stevenson

    Lynn Stevenson Editing

  16. Photo of Mike Belzer

    Mike Belzer Animation

  17. Photo of Stephen A. Buckley

    Stephen A. Buckley Animation

  18. Photo of Angie Glocka

    Angie Glocka Animation

  19. Photo of Kurt Hanson

    Kurt Hanson Animation

  20. Photo of Pete Kleinow

    Pete Kleinow Animation

  21. Photo of Tony Laudati

    Tony Laudati Animation

  22. Photo of Harry Walton

    Harry Walton Animation

  23. Photo of Ken Willard

    Ken Willard Animation