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  1. HKFanatic's rating of the film Gun Woman

    It'd be easy for detractors to call out Kurando Mitsutake as a peddler of low-budget sleaze - his second directorial effort, "Gun Woman," ends with lead actress Asami stark naked and covered in blood - but he's too damn savvy of a filmmaker. He knows how to get any shot he needs and often does so inventively, on a micro-budget, while delivering the perverse thrills and chills an exploitation movie audience craves.

  2. msmichel's rating of the film Gun Woman

    If you ever wanted to see a naked woman covered in her own blood killing some sadistic necrophilia obsessed goons, revelling in new levels of misogyny, then this film is for you. However, if you're sane, avoid this Asami starring nonsense. Mind you it could be worse it could be one of her 'rape zombies' flicks..wish I was kidding.

  3. Ogtoma's rating of the film Gun Woman

  4. Lthm2's rating of the film Gun Woman

    A massive surprise for 2014. It's low budget, sometimes too much nonsensical but it's one of the coolest film this year.