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  1. Photo of Kanti Shah

    Kanti Shah Director

  2. Photo of Bashir Babar

    Bashir Babar Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mithun Chakraborty

    Mithun Chakraborty Cast

  4. Photo of Verna Raj

    Verna Raj Cast

  5. Photo of Ishrat Ali

    Ishrat Ali Cast

  6. Photo of Rana Jung Bahadur

    Rana Jung Bahadur Cast

  7. Photo of Bajrangi

    Bajrangi Cast

  8. Photo of Mohan Joshi

    Mohan Joshi Cast

  9. Photo of Shakti Kapoor

    Shakti Kapoor Cast

  10. Photo of Razak Khan

    Razak Khan Cast

  11. Photo of Arun Mathur

    Arun Mathur Cast

  12. Photo of Harish Patel

    Harish Patel Cast

  13. Photo of Gulshan Rana

    Gulshan Rana Cast

  14. Photo of Rami Reddy

    Rami Reddy Cast

  15. Photo of Mukesh Rishi

    Mukesh Rishi Cast

  16. Photo of Sapna

    Sapna Cast

  17. Photo of Deepak Shrike

    Deepak Shrike Cast

  18. Photo of Vinod Tripathi

    Vinod Tripathi Cast

  19. Photo of Babbanlal Yadav

    Babbanlal Yadav Cast

  20. Photo of Abhijeet

    Abhijeet Music

  21. Photo of Mohammed Aziz

    Mohammed Aziz Music

  22. Photo of Poonam Bhatia

    Poonam Bhatia Music

  23. Photo of Kavita Krishnamurthy

    Kavita Krishnamurthy Music

  24. Photo of Udit Narayan

    Udit Narayan Music

  25. Photo of Kumar Sanu

    Kumar Sanu Music

  26. Photo of Sadhana Sargam

    Sadhana Sargam Music

  27. Photo of Anil Shah

    Anil Shah Producer