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  1. Photo of Frank McDonald

    Frank McDonald Director

  2. Photo of Edward Bernds

    Edward Bernds Screenplay

  3. Photo of Audie Murphy

    Audie Murphy Cast

  4. Photo of Ben Cooper

    Ben Cooper Cast

  5. Photo of Colleen Miller

    Colleen Miller Cast

  6. Photo of Jan Merlin

    Jan Merlin Cast

  7. Photo of DeForest Kelley

    DeForest Kelley Cast

  8. Photo of Adam Williams

    Adam Williams Cast

  9. Photo of Susan Seaforth Hayes

    Susan Seaforth Hayes Cast

  10. Photo of Mort Mills

    Mort Mills Cast

  11. Photo of John Hubbard

    John Hubbard Cast

  12. Photo of John Milford

    John Milford Cast

  13. Photo of Michael T. Mikler

    Michael T. Mikler Cast

  14. Photo of Thomas Browne Henry

    Thomas Browne Henry Cast

  15. Photo of William A. Wellman

    William A. Wellman Cast

  16. Photo of Laurie Mitchell

    Laurie Mitchell Cast

  17. Photo of Tim Graham

    Tim Graham Cast

  18. Photo of Joseph F. Biroc

    Joseph F. Biroc Cinematography

  19. Photo of Marlin Skiles

    Marlin Skiles Music

  20. Photo of Edward C. Jewell

    Edward C. Jewell Production Design

  21. Photo of Ben Schwalb

    Ben Schwalb Producer

  22. Photo of William Austin

    William Austin Editing