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  1. Photo of Mauritz Stiller

    Mauritz Stiller Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Selma Lagerlöf

    Selma Lagerlöf Screenplay

  3. Photo of Einar Hanson

    Einar Hanson Cast

  4. Photo of Pauline Brunius

    Pauline Brunius Cast

  5. Photo of Hugo Björne

    Hugo Björne Cast

  6. Photo of Mary Johnson

    Mary Johnson Cast

  7. Photo of Adolf Olschansky

    Adolf Olschansky Cast

  8. Photo of Stina Berg

    Stina Berg Cast

  9. Photo of Thecla Åhlander

    Thecla Åhlander Cast

  10. Photo of Gösta Hillberg

    Gösta Hillberg Cast

  11. Photo of Gustav Aronson

    Gustav Aronson Cast

  12. Photo of Albert Christiansen

    Albert Christiansen Cast

  13. Photo of Julia Cederblad

    Julia Cederblad Cast

  14. Photo of Concordia Selander

    Concordia Selander Cast

  15. Photo of Lotten Olsson

    Lotten Olsson Cast

  16. Photo of Ingeborg Strandin

    Ingeborg Strandin Cast

  17. Photo of Henrik Jaenzon

    Henrik Jaenzon Cinematography

  18. Photo of Julius Jaenzon

    Julius Jaenzon Cinematography

  19. Photo of Helmer Alexandersson

    Helmer Alexandersson Music

  20. Photo of Axel Esbensen

    Axel Esbensen Production Design

  21. Photo of Charles Magnusson

    Charles Magnusson Producer