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  1. Photo of Andrew V. McLaglen

    Andrew V. McLaglen Director

  2. Photo of Harry Harris

    Harry Harris Director

  3. Photo of Ted Post

    Ted Post Director

  4. Photo of Bernard McEveety

    Bernard McEveety Director

  5. Photo of Vincent McEveety

    Vincent McEveety Director

  6. Photo of Gunnar Hellström

    Gunnar Hellström Director

  7. Photo of Charles Marquis Warren

    Charles Marquis Warren Director and Screenplay

  8. Photo of Robert Totten

    Robert Totten Director

  9. Photo of Jesse Hibbs

    Jesse Hibbs Director

  10. Photo of Richard Whorf

    Richard Whorf Director

  11. Photo of John Rich

    John Rich Director

  12. Photo of Irving J. Moore

    Irving J. Moore Director

  13. Photo of Philip Leacock

    Philip Leacock Director

  14. Photo of Mark Rydell

    Mark Rydell Director

  15. Photo of Marc Daniels

    Marc Daniels Director

  16. Photo of Arthur Hiller

    Arthur Hiller Director

  17. Photo of Joseph Sargent

    Joseph Sargent Director

  18. Photo of Robert Stevenson

    Robert Stevenson Director

  19. Photo of Buzz Kulik

    Buzz Kulik Director

  20. Photo of Allen Reisner

    Allen Reisner Director

  21. Photo of Herb Wallerstein

    Herb Wallerstein Director

  22. Photo of Victor French

    Victor French Director

  23. Photo of Christian Nyby

    Christian Nyby Director

  24. Photo of William D. Russell

    William D. Russell Director

  25. Photo of Dennis Weaver

    Dennis Weaver Director and Cast

  26. Photo of Jerry Hopper

    Jerry Hopper Director

  27. Photo of Michael O'Herlihy

    Michael O'Herlihy Director

  28. Photo of Richard C. Sarafian

    Richard C. Sarafian Director

  29. Photo of Paul Stanley

    Paul Stanley Director

  30. Photo of Alf Kjellin

    Alf Kjellin Director

  31. Photo of John Meston

    John Meston Screenplay

  32. Photo of Norman MacDonnell

    Norman MacDonnell Screenplay

  33. Photo of James Arness

    James Arness Cast

  34. Photo of Milburn Stone

    Milburn Stone Cast

  35. Photo of Amanda Blake

    Amanda Blake Cast

  36. Photo of Ken Curtis

    Ken Curtis Cast

  37. Photo of Glenn Strange

    Glenn Strange Cast

  38. Photo of Buck Taylor

    Buck Taylor Cast

  39. Photo of Bert Rumsey

    Bert Rumsey Cast

  40. Photo of Roger Ewing

    Roger Ewing Cast

  41. Photo of Burt Reynolds

    Burt Reynolds Cast

  42. Photo of Warren Oates

    Warren Oates Cast

  43. Photo of Tom Skerritt

    Tom Skerritt Cast

  44. Photo of Bruce Dern

    Bruce Dern Cast

  45. Photo of Bette Davis

    Bette Davis Cast