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  1. Photo of Torgny Anderberg

    Torgny Anderberg Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Stig Ossian Ericson

    Stig Ossian Ericson Screenplay

  3. Photo of Åke Hodell

    Åke Hodell Screenplay

  4. Photo of Cornelis Vreeswijk

    Cornelis Vreeswijk Cast

  5. Photo of Anita Lindblom

    Anita Lindblom Cast

  6. Photo of Monica Zetterlund

    Monica Zetterlund Cast

  7. Photo of Karin Falck

    Karin Falck Cast

  8. Photo of Frej Lindqvist

    Frej Lindqvist Cast

  9. Photo of Arne Källerud

    Arne Källerud Cast

  10. Photo of Gösta Prüzelius

    Gösta Prüzelius Cast

  11. Photo of Monica Ekman

    Monica Ekman Cast

  12. Photo of Mikael Mårdstam

    Mikael Mårdstam Cast

  13. Photo of Lars Lundgren

    Lars Lundgren Cast

  14. Photo of Urban Sahlin

    Urban Sahlin Cast

  15. Photo of Lars Lennartsson

    Lars Lennartsson Cast

  16. Photo of Sten Ardenstam

    Sten Ardenstam Cast

  17. Photo of Hans Lindgren

    Hans Lindgren Cast

  18. Photo of Eivor Landström

    Eivor Landström Cast

  19. Photo of Gunnel Wadner

    Gunnel Wadner Cast

  20. Photo of Margit Berggren

    Margit Berggren Cast

  21. Photo of Birgitta Hoppeler

    Birgitta Hoppeler Cast

  22. Photo of Kalle Bergholm

    Kalle Bergholm Cinematography

  23. Photo of Per-Olav Sivertzen-Falk

    Per-Olav Sivertzen-Falk Production Design

  24. Photo of Krister Hagéus

    Krister Hagéus Producer

  25. Photo of Carl-Olov Skeppstedt

    Carl-Olov Skeppstedt Editing