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  1. Photo of Sherry Horman

    Sherry Horman Director

  2. Photo of Benedikt Gollhardt

    Benedikt Gollhardt Screenplay

  3. Photo of Kirsten Hager

    Kirsten Hager Producer

  4. Photo of Eric Moss

    Eric Moss Producer

  5. Photo of Eva Poetsch

    Eva Poetsch Producer

  6. Photo of Andreas Schneppe

    Andreas Schneppe Producer

  7. Photo of Peter Studhalter

    Peter Studhalter Producer

  8. Photo of Martin Todsharow

    Martin Todsharow Music

  9. Photo of Hanno Lentz

    Hanno Lentz Cinematography

  10. Photo of Magda Habernickel

    Magda Habernickel Editing

  11. Photo of Eva Schnare

    Eva Schnare Editing

  12. Photo of Thomas Freundenthal

    Thomas Freundenthal Production Design

  13. Photo of Maximilian Brückner

    Maximilian Brückner Cast

  14. Photo of David Rott

    David Rott Cast

  15. Photo of Lisa Potthoff

    Lisa Potthoff Cast

  16. Photo of Dietmar Bär

    Dietmar Bär Cast

  17. Photo of Saskia Vester

    Saskia Vester Cast

  18. Photo of Judith Hoersch

    Judith Hoersch Cast

  19. Photo of Mirko Lang

    Mirko Lang Cast

  20. Photo of Carlo Ljubek

    Carlo Ljubek Cast

  21. Photo of Tobias van Dieken

    Tobias van Dieken Cast

  22. Photo of Hans Löw

    Hans Löw Cast

  23. Photo of Rolf Zacher

    Rolf Zacher Cast

  24. Photo of Mariele Millowitsch

    Mariele Millowitsch Cast

  25. Photo of Christian Berkel

    Christian Berkel Cast

  26. Photo of Andreas Schmidt

    Andreas Schmidt Cast

  27. Photo of Michael von Burg

    Michael von Burg Cast