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  1. Photo of Stole Popov

    Stole Popov Director

  2. Photo of Vladimir Blaževski

    Vladimir Blaževski Screenplay

  3. Photo of Goran Tozija

    Goran Tozija Producer

  4. Photo of Vlatko Stefanovski

    Vlatko Stefanovski Music

  5. Photo of Apostol Trpevski

    Apostol Trpevski Cinematography

  6. Photo of Dimitar Grbevski

    Dimitar Grbevski Editing

  7. Photo of Ivan Bartling

    Ivan Bartling Production Design

  8. Photo of Bajram Severdzan

    Bajram Severdzan Cast

  9. Photo of Jordanco Cevrevski

    Jordanco Cevrevski Cast

  10. Photo of Dodevski Goran

    Dodevski Goran Cast

  11. Photo of Miki Manojlović

    Miki Manojlović Cast

  12. Photo of Toni Mihajlovski

    Toni Mihajlovski Cast

  13. Photo of Katina Ivanova

    Katina Ivanova Cast

  14. Photo of Antony Zaki

    Antony Zaki Cast

  15. Photo of Arna Shijak

    Arna Shijak Cast

  16. Photo of Goran Dodevski

    Goran Dodevski Cast

  17. Photo of Hasan Dzemail

    Hasan Dzemail Cast