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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Nick Schwab's rating of the film Habit

    Grounded in realism and plain speak more than the same year's digressive, The Addiction, Habit is too focused in on its loose romantic plot elements. It finally comes together as a story about a man's path down the road of addiction and self-destruction after the death of his father and failed love, but takes too long. The supernatural, love story, and human deterioration elements aren't as organic as they could be.

  2. Jon B's rating of the film Habit

    I'd like to see this again, I rarely say that about vampire films. It's the most original & enjoyable vamp I've seen since Abel Ferrara's The Addiction.

  3. laurabot's rating of the film Habit

    Just watched this again yesterday. Nice to see New York the way I'll always remember it in my mind, having grown up here. I miss the old apple...but I digress. This movie stands out among vamp flicks; it doesn't adhere to rules of vampire folklore. It makes its own rules, seducing you slowly with its mysterious leading lady. By the end of the film viewers may just find themselves addicted to the main characters.

  4. Happy Lee DC's rating of the film Habit

    Fessenden in the starring role with his chipped tooth just adds a sense of realism to the film, which is always appreciated. Nice edgy cinematography, good ambiguous plot (is the female lead really a vampire?) and nice discourse on the complex nature of addictions and emotional stress. Great music. Overall, a very good character film.