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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Polyglot's rating of the film Hachi-ko

    It's a good film. It's a great story. I just wasn't moved. That's the worst kind of feeling to have. :(

  2. mannequinlegs's rating of the film Hachi-ko

    more than enough sap' to turn my appetite toward a slew of transgressive cinema.

  3. Yosef Sidharta's rating of the film Hachi-ko

    i really love this movie. first, it's the way professor Ueno treated the Hachi. Hachi sure was a lovable dog. It's sad that he put too much love to his master. but i think that's the quality of a dog. maybe we should learn all these things about fidelity to a dog like Hachi. music and setting was sure enough for me. great story, i think!

  4. Liam Seeland's rating of the film Hachi-ko

    Very sweet movie. I don't want to see the US version. This works just fine.