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  1. Photo of Mirza Fatali Akhundov

    Mirza Fatali Akhundov Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jafar Jabbarly

    Jafar Jabbarly Screenplay

  3. Photo of Mirzaaga Aliyev

    Mirzaaga Aliyev Cast

  4. Photo of Mustafa Mardanov

    Mustafa Mardanov Cast

  5. Photo of K. Vyaznova

    K. Vyaznova Cast

  6. Photo of Agasadiq Garaybayli

    Agasadiq Garaybayli Cast

  7. Photo of M. A. Qayıbov

    M. A. Qayıbov Cast

  8. Photo of Sidqi Ruhulla

    Sidqi Ruhulla Cast

  9. Photo of Marziyya Davudova

    Marziyya Davudova Cast

  10. Photo of Y. Hacıqasımov

    Y. Hacıqasımov Cast

  11. Photo of Hacıağa Abbasov

    Hacıağa Abbasov Cast

  12. Photo of Aziza Mammadova

    Aziza Mammadova Cast

  13. Photo of Rüstam Kazimov

    Rüstam Kazimov Cast

  14. Photo of N. Hasanov

    N. Hasanov Cast

  15. Photo of A. Mirzayev

    A. Mirzayev Cast

  16. Photo of Ali Qurbanov

    Ali Qurbanov Cast

  17. Photo of Aşraf Yusifzada

    Aşraf Yusifzada Cast

  18. Photo of Ivan Tartakovski

    Ivan Tartakovski Cinematography

  19. Photo of Aleksandr Qonçarski

    Aleksandr Qonçarski Production Design

  20. Photo of Abbas Mirza Şarifzada

    Abbas Mirza Şarifzada Editing and Director