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Ratings & Reviews

  1. zaranostra's rating of the film Haggard

    Such a great quotable film. Kinda silly but I am really attached to this movie. NAKED DAVE!

  2. D.J. Devereux's rating of the film Haggard

    Its simple, this film is my hang over cure. Simple story, boy loves girl, girl dumps boy, boy gets heartbroken and obsessed, girl "plays the field of dicks" then boy resorts getting boys crazy ass friends to cause some "criminal damage" to her place.. And it all gets out of hand from there. Soundtrack driven by HIM, Bam Margera shows sign of a young Frank Capra dare I say, but imagine Capra with more booze in him.

  3. Mao Flores's rating of the film Haggard

    Bam Margera didn't need to put the skateboard chase scene. this would have been a pretty solid love story.