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  1. Photo of Rashid Masharawi

    Rashid Masharawi Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Mohammed Bakri

    Mohammed Bakri Cast

  3. Photo of Ahmad Abu Sal'oum

    Ahmad Abu Sal'oum Cast

  4. Photo of Hiam Abbass

    Hiam Abbass Cast

  5. Photo of Nawal Zaqout

    Nawal Zaqout Cast

  6. Photo of Fadi El-Ghoul

    Fadi El-Ghoul Cast

  7. Photo of Areen Omari

    Areen Omari Cast

  8. Photo of Khaled Awad

    Khaled Awad Cast

  9. Photo of George Ibrahim

    George Ibrahim Cast

  10. Photo of Mariam El-Hin

    Mariam El-Hin Cast

  11. Photo of Mahmoud Qadah

    Mahmoud Qadah Cast

  12. Photo of Hussam Abu Eisheh

    Hussam Abu Eisheh Cast

  13. Photo of Ehab Assal

    Ehab Assal Cinematography

  14. Photo of Edwin Verstegen

    Edwin Verstegen Cinematography

  15. Photo of Said Mouraad

    Said Mouraad Music

  16. Photo of Jamal Afghani

    Jamal Afghani Production Design

  17. Photo of Henri Kuipers

    Henri Kuipers Producer

  18. Photo of Erik Schut

    Erik Schut Producer

  19. Photo of Peter van Vogelpoel

    Peter van Vogelpoel Producer

  20. Photo of Hadara Oren

    Hadara Oren Editing

  21. Photo of Roberto van Eijden

    Roberto van Eijden Sound