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  1. Joaquín Font's rating of the film Hail

    This movie is a beast. It's a sad and beautiful fairy tale without faries.

  2. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film Hail

  3. PFL's rating of the film Hail

    The first half of ‘Hail’ is rendered remarkable by the staggering performances of Daniel P Jones and Leanne Letch and their heartrending portrayal of a relationship between two deeply vulnerable people. Alas, this potent substance is replaced by largely unimpressive style; the jittery camerawork and extreme close-ups - whilst initially effective - ultimately blunting the full force of Jones’ flawless performance.

  4. heinrich dahms's rating of the film Hail

    amazing poetic cinematography!

  5. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Hail

    Papa Bear goes out of hibernation and goes back to Mama Bear. Love among plantigrades. === Papa Ours sort d'hiberner et va retrouver Maman Ours. L'amour chez les plantigrades.

  6. Federica's rating of the film Hail

    I liked how danny's pain is represented through sound and visual distortion. Overall beautifully shot. The main characters and the combination of love and pain in their lives have reminded me very much of Roberto Minervini's Louisiana - The Other Side.

  7. Jeanine Zondag's rating of the film Hail

    Beautifully filmed. After the film turns darker, it isn't easy to watch, but one just HAS to. Reminded me of Requiem for a dream.

  8. Marinos Koutsomichalis's rating of the film Hail

    Love, rage, fear, need, habit and decay interwound together. Powerful at moments, a bit repetitive at others, nice overall albeit a bit long.

  9. Bruce Carter's rating of the film Hail

    drop a perfectly sane nutter from a great height... brilliant..

  10. captainfez's rating of the film Hail

    Getting out of jail is grim as fuck.

  11. Kk Soft Boss's rating of the film Hail

  12. Egoisms's rating of the film Hail

    A failed experiment, but a powerful film nonetheless.

  13. I B's rating of the film Hail

    Cassavetes + Grandrieux = the most exciting Aussie film in eons

  14. Matt Richards's rating of the film Hail

    Blurring the line between drama and documentary, Courtin-Wilson has crafted a brutal yet surprisingly tender work of art. Hail is a tragic, emotionally rich look at a man living in denial, held hostage by his own self-sabotage, anger and repetitive patterns. It begs the question.. which comes first? mental illness or social conditioning/circumstance. Superb performances, photography and score. 4 stars

  15. Eleni Ashton's rating of the film Hail

    A beautiful kick in the guts.