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  1. Noli Manaig's rating of the film Half a Life

    As if to render incidental the revolutionary import of May 1968, the narrative voice, first person, recounts those fateful days with an unbelievable omnipresence. Always inserting the subjects in the thick of the abortive action, this documentary purports to be about youth misspent, yet comes off as self-mythologizing. Could've delved deeper into the suicidal drive instead if the privatized self were paramount.

  2. ujjwal's rating of the film Half a Life

    Lovely film. Usage of earlier films stands out. Such an honest looking back at the lives before the event. It flows so smoothly, that you doNt even realise when the film stops talking about the eXploits of the three friends to the struggle itself. Such an honest depiction of the political trajectory at the personal level and then leading upto Michel's suicide. the void after, of the event, and of Michel is haunting.

  3. Isaac's rating of the film Half a Life

    Uma aprofundada em detalhes de como Maio de 1968 na França ocorreu pelos olhos do próprio diretor que vivenciou, ao lado do líder manifestante Michel Recanati. É uma espécie de biografia deste líder, mas pelo olhar de seu melhor amigo. Altamente pessoal, narra com diversas imagens caseiras e entrevistas como foi aquela época e o que restou nos seus participantes depois que Maio acabou. Denso como toda intimidade.

  4. lou.'s rating of the film Half a Life

    J'ai trouvé ce document assez intéressant, bien que j'ai parfois risqué de perdre un peu d'attention à digresser mentalement sur les idées suggérées.

  5. Louisa Savignon's rating of the film Half a Life

  6. Pegarange's rating of the film Half a Life

    A sad but inspiring story of those who stood up to the Gaullist dictatorship.

  7. fearraigh's rating of the film Half a Life

    The usual self-indulgence of the soixante-huitards is tolerable here, given the affecting personal stories involved. Goupil’s film is also an invaluable document of a historical moment. There’s little interest in focusing on the substance of the discourse, given Goupil was pliable enough to throw his weight behind Sarkozy a few decades later.

  8. Mtume Gant's rating of the film Half a Life

    4.5 Fantastic film and cultural document. Political, personal, all of it. Feel grateful to have seen it

  9. DrFirestone's rating of the film Half a Life

    It's probably more of a tribute to Michel Recanati than anything else. The editing is rather erratic, and at times it feels like a recollection of bits of random memories from the period - still, it manages to convey the romantic hopes and ideals of May '68 and its eventual downfall thanks to ruthless struggle for power, fragmentation, stagnant Communist Party, and most of all the failure to engage the working class.

  10. Fab S's rating of the film Half a Life

    Excellent documentaire hommage à un ami disparu. Partial certes mais expliquant les logiques aboutissant au militantisme. Bien loin des fables politiques, c'est l'histoire de petits cons ayant de grands idéaux qui, ennivrés par leur propre narcissisme se jettent à tambours battants dans la lutte jusqu'à ce que... les factures durent être payées

  11. Katya Kazbek's rating of the film Half a Life

    Touching albeit irritating story of a friendship amidst Mai 68. Concise but poetic, definitely not a primer on the subject, but a small glimpse of how it was for someone to be present and militant in these tumultuous times.

  12. NicoIlGermanico's rating of the film Half a Life

  13. FISCHER's rating of the film Half a Life

    Indéniablement le film dégage une densité et une émotion constantes dans cette vision parcellaire et forcément subjective "des années héroïques", qui enfanteront l'incontournable "génération perdue" post-soixante-huitarde...

  14. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Half a Life

    A snapshot of events in France in 1968, mixing personal recollections with archival footage and discussion of the ideology and tactics, this is worthwile, if a bit irritating at times (due to so many comments being delivered from one or two high horses).

  15. zubee's rating of the film Half a Life

    Half a life...and a quarter of a movie.

  16. captainfez's rating of the film Half a Life

    I think the housewife in the kerchief had the right idea.

  17. Ludovic72's rating of the film Half a Life

    (3,5 / 5) Le documentaire de Romain Goupil a une importance indéniable, étant donné le militantisme hyperactif du réalisateur avant et après les événements de mai 68. Il arrive aussi à émouvoir, par sa description intime des drames humains. Le montage fonctionne moins bien : l'éparpillement des extraits de son "film militant" non achevé crée parfois de la confusion. Goupil a aussi tendance à abuser de la voix off…

  18. guillermo's rating of the film Half a Life

    Beautiful losers. The main thesis here is that politics and interpersonal relationships are deeply connected. The war for freedom also means a struggle for the basics in life, that is, the emotional foundation of ourselves. This film is not purely idiosyncratic. The focus on those frienships is not arbitrary. May 68 as a topic requires a very personal approach to be consistent. They lost, we lost.

  19. Superfrog's rating of the film Half a Life

    Good documentary tale of may 68

  20. ejonline's rating of the film Half a Life

    This was clearly heartfelt, but since I didn't know the people involved I'm sure some of the nuance was lost on me. While the films of the protests and the organizational meetings were historically interesting, I was not engaged by the home movies of the principal actors. It seemed a bit like the director was working through some issues, but they didn't connect to larger themes that resonated with me. Too hermetic?

  21. lemonish5's rating of the film Half a Life

    What could have been an interesting doc about the nature of idealism (is it still a possibility for us, fifty years later?) is told too straight and winds up being absolutely dreary and self-indulgent.

  22. dionysus67's rating of the film Half a Life

    The theme is utterly captivating as a key moment of collective fermentation in France. Thus, at those junctions where the film resorts to stills and to documentary footage from clashes, speeches and demonstrations there is a lot to be gleaned. But the personal encounters and the amateur film extracts of the 'gang' fail to generate an impact analogous to the events that shaped them and were shaped by them. Intriguing.

  23. AdrienGerard's rating of the film Half a Life

  24. Didonne's rating of the film Half a Life

    Ni film documentaire vraiment, ni fiction autobiographique vraiment mais l'un et l'autre auxquels s'ajoutent une passion pour le cinéma et pour l'amitié. La lutte a forgé des liens, les liens ont perpétué le combat.

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