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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Jean Harlow's rating of the film Hallelujah I'm a Bum

    Pre-code musicals are in a different stratosphere then the rest (Wish I would have done more). Not only a satire on the silliness of capitalism but a clever fast comedy with innovative photography. Not to mention the good direction of underrated auteur Lewis Milestone and the timeless performances of the masters Frank Morgan and Al Jolson.

  2. Howard Fritzson's rating of the film Hallelujah I'm a Bum

    A neglected gem from the thirties featuring an easygoing Al Jolson. Definitely worth it.

  3. ASHES IN THE HOURGLASS's rating of the film Hallelujah I'm a Bum

    Sort of a pseudo-Chaplin musical. The issue is that aside from the wonderful montage sequence and some humorous character interactions, this film left very little of an impact and it doesn't help that the good parts are separated by large gaps of ho-hum material. Still, in it's context, it's interesting to see an American film that doesn't threat Communism as if it were the teaching of Satan.