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  1. Rocco's rating of the film Halloween II

    Really a dull, silly, pedestrian affair compared to the game-changer that came before it. No sane person expects a horror sequel to live up to is predecessor, but why a follow-up this uninspired has garnered quite a bit of cult following over the years is beyond me.

  2. captainfez's rating of the film Halloween II

    This episode of FAMILY TIES is a bit darker than I'd expected.

  3. Bob's rating of the film Halloween II

    Part before the hospital mostly manages to replicate the original. After that, the sense of evil being omnipresent is replaced with monotone shots that are too dark to be appreciated, and too static to be exciting. It relies on more murders and blood, although killing scenes are actually uncreative. It's better than atrocious "Resurrection" and static part 5, but huge step backwards when compared to predecessor.

  4. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Halloween II

    Derivation aside this has a good sense of location - almost the classic ‘locked room’ - and practically soaks up the permutations of medico-horror. As with nearly all horror sequels the tick-list of set piece slaying becomes the thing, but it successfully maintains a fairly heavy and brooding atmosphere. A disjointed double bill with Green for Danger is perhaps called for.

  5. Udo N. Owen's rating of the film Halloween II

    Wenn man nach Teil 1 unbedingt mehr braucht, kann man sich Halloween 2 schon ansehen. Allerdings lässt der Film durchgehend die Klasse des ersten Teils vermissen und macht in vielen Belangen eine Menge falsch. Es fehlt eindeutig Carpenter auf dem Regiestuhl und so bleibt ein netter oldschool-Slasher mit wenigen starken Szenen, die im Gedächtnis haften bleiben. 5/10

  6. Luca Soldati's rating of the film Halloween II

  7. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Halloween II

    The slasher horror saga continues and it feels like a natural continuation as both Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence are still in it - together. Some good slasher deaths too, but it will always be inferior to the original, but as a sequel it works okay even if it lacks the timelessness and class of John Carpenter's classic.

  8. FISCHER's rating of the film Halloween II

    Durant longtemps, on croyait Michael Myers, le fou d'Halloween, trucidé à tout jamais, mais son corps avait mystérieusement disparu après la fusillade. Il va bientôt se rendre à l'hôpital où se rétablit Laurie. Son propos est autre que de lui rendre une simple visite amicale ..... BOF !

  9. Amandio Filipe Moura's rating of the film Halloween II

  10. Palmat's rating of the film Halloween II

    Good sequel that sadly succumbs to the slasher tropes that the original eschewed (well kind of...). The setting is great and the film looks and sounds just right but the gory deaths and a meandering second reel makes this less compelling than it should have been. And Curtis is sadly underused in favour of characterless slasher fodder.

  11. Rafael Fonseca's rating of the film Halloween II

    "The tribe! One of their number was butchered, this is the wake!" Imagine walking in the theater in 81 and it starting exactly where we left off, with the incredible cold opening. The same night,the long,long dark night of the soul with amazing Pleasence as our spirit guide.Robust sequel that plays the labyrinthine hospital & its disposable denizens to full advantage. Hectic,despair.(the burning of the kid in mask..)

  12. ionu's rating of the film Halloween II

  13. Nolan Barth's rating of the film Halloween II

    "You don't know what death is!" This film is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. Is this as well made as the first film? Not at all, but it's a fun sequel and it adds a lot to the mythos of Michael Myers. Unfortunately, Jamie Lee Curtis doesn't have as much to do in this film. For most of it she is sleeping in a hospital bed... This is by my no means a great film, but it is a fun film for slasher fans.

  14. Andre Flickatina's rating of the film Halloween II

    needed less Michael on the screen. lost the feeling that gave the first such a great pace & feel. i don't know how the series can go on without Loomis

  15. ceknklsn's rating of the film Halloween II

  16. SLionsCricket's rating of the film Halloween II

    Somewhat of a jumbled mess, "Halloween II" is missing coherent storytelling and effective building of suspense. It is fun at times, but pales in every regard to Carpenter's masterpiece.

  17. Matt Rolls's rating of the film Halloween II

    Way more fun and entertaining than the first, although there is one scene involving Pamela Shoop that is particularly sadistic and doesn't sit right with me. Pleasence is on top, most ridiculous form, reprising his role as Dr. Loomis ("I shot him six tiiyaams!") whilst Lance Guest props up his short career. I think, unfortunately, the one weak link is actually Jamie Lee Curtis. A minor eighties genre classic.

  18. Kamran's rating of the film Halloween II

    Phantom presence no longer phantomic, the supernatural less mystic, continuity destroyed, tonally similar but affected. 67/100 - Decent (2.5)

  19. Ryan327's rating of the film Halloween II

  20. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Halloween II

    Lo que me molesta de esta versión es iniciar con esa misma mecánica como la que empezaba su original. Eso, además de inclinarse al sacrilegio, le resta originalidad. Lo resto sin embargo está dentro de lo aceptable. La atmósfera que se crea conserva esa textura de misterio a pesar de que las locaciones son más amplias. El otro atractivo es que es literalmente la continuación de la historia.

  21. ñiñiñi's rating of the film Halloween II

    hueá más entretenida del planeta

  22. Eufrasia Erika's rating of the film Halloween II

    kubenci adegan teriak minta tolong tapi suara habis :(

  23. Dan's rating of the film Halloween II

    I fell asleep for about half of the first one but did appreciate this picking up immediately after. I did not appreciate the 90 minutes that followed.

  24. film_lies101's rating of the film Halloween II

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