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  1. Photo of Frank O’Connor

    Frank O’Connor Director

  2. Photo of Shinji Aramaki

    Shinji Aramaki Director

  3. Photo of Hideki Futamura

    Hideki Futamura Director

  4. Photo of Toshiyuki Kanno

    Toshiyuki Kanno Director

  5. Photo of Tomoki Kyoda

    Tomoki Kyoda Director

  6. Photo of Kôichi Mashimo

    Kôichi Mashimo Director

  7. Photo of Yasushi Muraki

    Yasushi Muraki Director

  8. Photo of Mamoru Oshii

    Mamoru Oshii Director

  9. Photo of Koji Sawai

    Koji Sawai Director

  10. Photo of Keiichi Sugiyama

    Keiichi Sugiyama Director

  11. Photo of Takahiro Tanaka

    Takahiro Tanaka Director

  12. Photo of Hiroshi Yamazaki

    Hiroshi Yamazaki Director and Screenplay

  13. Photo of Joseph Staten

    Joseph Staten Screenplay

  14. Photo of Frank O'Connor

    Frank O'Connor Screenplay

  15. Photo of Eiji Umehara

    Eiji Umehara Screenplay

  16. Photo of Hiroyuki Kawasaki

    Hiroyuki Kawasaki Screenplay

  17. Photo of Daisuke Nishio

    Daisuke Nishio Screenplay and Director

  18. Photo of Megumi Shimizu

    Megumi Shimizu Screenplay

  19. Photo of Dai Satô

    Dai Satô Screenplay

  20. Photo of Ryan Morris

    Ryan Morris Screenplay

  21. Photo of Naruki Nagakawa

    Naruki Nagakawa Screenplay

  22. Photo of Greg Ayres

    Greg Ayres Voice

  23. Photo of David Matranga

    David Matranga Voice

  24. Photo of Luci Christian

    Luci Christian Voice

  25. Photo of Josh Grelle

    Josh Grelle Voice

  26. Photo of Brittney Karbowski

    Brittney Karbowski Voice

  27. Photo of John Swasey

    John Swasey Voice

  28. Photo of Kenta Miyake

    Kenta Miyake Voice

  29. Photo of Atsuko Tanaka

    Atsuko Tanaka Voice

  30. Photo of Akio Ôtsuka

    Akio Ôtsuka Voice

  31. Photo of Deke Anderson

    Deke Anderson Voice

  32. Photo of Emily Neves

    Emily Neves Voice

  33. Photo of Chris Patton

    Chris Patton Voice

  34. Photo of David Wald

    David Wald Voice

  35. Photo of Houko Kuwashima

    Houko Kuwashima Voice

  36. Photo of Kazuhiko Inoue

    Kazuhiko Inoue Voice

  37. Photo of Chris Ayres

    Chris Ayres Voice

  38. Photo of Tomokazu Seki

    Tomokazu Seki Voice

  39. Photo of Andrew Love

    Andrew Love Voice

  40. Photo of Keiji Fujiwara

    Keiji Fujiwara Voice

  41. Photo of Shelley Calene-Black

    Shelley Calene-Black Voice

  42. Photo of Mamiko Noto

    Mamiko Noto Voice

  43. Photo of Ai Maeda

    Ai Maeda Voice

  44. Photo of Rob Mungle

    Rob Mungle Voice