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  1. josé neves's rating of the film Hamilton

    In the credits, Porterfield thanks Bresson and the Anthology Film Archives, which is perceived by a non-academic approach to cinema and, also, by the use of "models" ("reel people") instead of actors.The film reminded me Loden's "Wanda" and the first 2 films directed by Paul Newman: life in a landscape called frame; light and a wall of sound (in off, mono) in the movement of things, in its fluidity, a world viewed.

  2. João Duarte's rating of the film Hamilton

    não sei se existe algo de agradável neste sentimento letárgico, mas é bonito. triste, mas bonito.

  3. This is Jake Kath's rating of the film Hamilton

    Not a single false note, in this bare bones minimalistic american no budget flick. Yes, even at 63 minutes, the movie will tire your patience but if you open yourself up to it, you might find a movie that is so rooted into the rythmes of daily life, that you can't helped to be casted into a realm breathes hope as though its some type of hypnotism. I think somewhere Ozu is shitting himself.