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  1. Photo of Franz Peter Wirth

    Franz Peter Wirth Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of William Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maximilian Schell

    Maximilian Schell Cast

  4. Photo of Hans Caninenberg

    Hans Caninenberg Cast

  5. Photo of Wanda Rotha

    Wanda Rotha Cast

  6. Photo of Dunja Movar

    Dunja Movar Cast

  7. Photo of Franz Schafheitlin

    Franz Schafheitlin Cast

  8. Photo of Dieter Kirchlechner

    Dieter Kirchlechner Cast

  9. Photo of Karl Michael Vogler

    Karl Michael Vogler Cast

  10. Photo of Eckart Dux

    Eckart Dux Cast

  11. Photo of Herbert Bötticher

    Herbert Bötticher Cast

  12. Photo of Karl Lieffen

    Karl Lieffen Cast

  13. Photo of Rolf Boysen

    Rolf Boysen Cast

  14. Photo of Alexander Engel

    Alexander Engel Cast

  15. Photo of Adolf Schlyssleder

    Adolf Schlyssleder Editing