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  1. Ghostman's rating of the film Hamlet

    A fundamentally off adaptation. While Gibson is a great actor, he's miscast here. He lacks the moral confusion & existential angst of Hamlet. Perhaps he'd make a better Macbeth. The rest of the cast goes through the motions & the film doesn't embrace the medium enough. I'm still waiting for the day where a Shakespeare film is actually cinematic & not just pretty words being boasted in front of the camera. Oh well.

  2. Catalina Bordeanu's rating of the film Hamlet

  3. Joe Morton's rating of the film Hamlet

    Mel, who is known for acting crazy, tries to be "Shakespearean." All the other actors act crazy! Why can't he act crazy? ...seeing he IS playing a crazy character!! But after trying, and failing to make it through Branaugh's Hamlet, I have to admit this adaptation is really good! But Mel should have just been his usual crazy self. IMHO Great camera work, locations, acting, lighting... just not what was expected

  4. rorydean's rating of the film Hamlet

    Mel Gibson is quite remarkable as Hamlet. I think it is much more rewarding to take each performance of a Shakespeare play individually rather than make odd comparisons that generally have more to do with whether you like the actor in question than the performance. There have been many, many actors in this role and each one brings something unique and prosperous. Well, mostly.

  5. VENIMOS LOS JODIMOS Y NOS FUIMOS's rating of the film Hamlet

    El tragico personaje de Shakespeare segùn Mel Gibson/Martin Riggs, bajo la optica mamila de Franco Zeffirelli. A pesar de ciertos hallazgos visuales y sobre todo del buen desempeño del reparto femenino (Helena Bonham Carter materialmente brilla como Ofelia), el asunto se siente tan poco serio, que no extrañaria el ver a Zeffirelli rodando por estos dias una versiòn de El Rey Lear protagonizada por Steven Seagal.