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  1. grotesc's rating of the film Hangover Square

  2. RBCrickmar's rating of the film Hangover Square

    An incredibly atmospheric movie about an amnesiac composer, who may or may not be a maniacal murderer. The London setting is wonderfully recreated in the studio lots. Laird Cregar gives a career-defining performance as the bewildered musical genius, who flies into fits of murderous rage thanks to a discordant sound. The liberties taking with Hamilton's source novel are genuinely examples of cinematic sensitivity.

  3. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film Hangover Square

    Lo mejor sucede a partir del último concierto. El protagonista postrado ante el piano, las notas parecen recrear su dualidad. Es en público pasivo y emocional, pero, interiormente, con una creatividad musical funesta y trágica. En paralelo, la cámara sobrevuela de un lado a otro. Se refleja la tensión y la turbación del personaje. El fuego como culpa e inmolación. Macabra escena de una muerta en brazos;"Frankenstein"

  4. Melissa Arcelia's rating of the film Hangover Square

    Such a beautiful and powerful ending!

  5. Amadeus Magnus's rating of the film Hangover Square

    Two piano scenes at the finale reminded me of Shine and Titanic. Don't forget Guy Fawkes and Mr Hyde. Great ending.

  6. Ingrid Bergman's rating of the film Hangover Square

    First class period thriller with a superb score by Bernard Hermann. Laird Cregar is outstanding in his complex role as George Harvey Bone and Linda Darnell is fabulous as the ruthless Netta. Highly recommended!

  7. Neither/Nor's rating of the film Hangover Square

    Violent amnesiac composer George Harvey Bone collapses Otherness and post-war dissonance in the development of his ultimate fugue, reaching the heights of expression and the depths of Hell simultaneously.

  8. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Hangover Square

    Entertaining old-fashioned psycho-thriller from director John Brahm. Some effective atmosphere with great moody black and white cinematography, but the plot is uneven - though it does have some very strong moments, including the exciting and visually stunning climax. Laird Cregar's much-lauded performance is strong, but not quite his best. Excellent score by Bernard Herrmann, the concerto he composed for the film is