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  1. Photo of Wolfgang Groos

    Wolfgang Groos Director

  2. Photo of Christian Zuebert

    Christian Zuebert Screenplay

  3. Photo of Heinrich Hadding

    Heinrich Hadding Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alexander Fischerkoesen

    Alexander Fischerkoesen Cinematography

  5. Photo of Robert Matt

    Robert Matt Music

  6. Photo of Tom Spiess

    Tom Spiess Producer

  7. Photo of Sönke Wortmann

    Sönke Wortmann Producer

  8. Photo of Max Kidd

    Max Kidd Cast

  9. Photo of Mišel Matičević

    Mišel Matičević Cast

  10. Photo of Max Fröhlich

    Max Fröhlich Cast

  11. Photo of Ralph Kretschmar

    Ralph Kretschmar Cast

  12. Photo of Mirjam Weichselbraun

    Mirjam Weichselbraun Cast

  13. Photo of Veit Stübner

    Veit Stübner Cast

  14. Photo of Zach Freeman

    Zach Freeman Cast

  15. Photo of Martin Lindow

    Martin Lindow Cast

  16. Photo of Peter Eberst

    Peter Eberst Cast

  17. Photo of Stefan Gebelhoff

    Stefan Gebelhoff Cast

  18. Photo of Werner Wirsing

    Werner Wirsing Producer

  19. Photo of Julia Willman

    Julia Willman Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Martin Wolf

    Martin Wolf Editing

  21. Photo of Andrea Kessler

    Andrea Kessler Production Design