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  1. Photo of Joe Wright

    Joe Wright Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of David Farr

    David Farr Screenplay

  3. Photo of Seth Lochhead

    Seth Lochhead Screenplay

  4. Photo of Joe Penhall

    Joe Penhall Screenplay

  5. Photo of Saoirse Ronan

    Saoirse Ronan Cast

  6. Photo of Cate Blanchett

    Cate Blanchett Cast

  7. Photo of Eric Bana

    Eric Bana Cast

  8. Photo of Tom Hollander

    Tom Hollander Cast

  9. Photo of Olivia Williams

    Olivia Williams Cast

  10. Photo of Paris Arrowsmith

    Paris Arrowsmith Cast

  11. Photo of Jason Flemyng

    Jason Flemyng Cast

  12. Photo of John MacMillan

    John MacMillan Cast

  13. Photo of Álvaro Cervantes

    Álvaro Cervantes Cast

  14. Photo of Vicky Krieps

    Vicky Krieps Cast

  15. Photo of Alwin H. Kuchler

    Alwin H. Kuchler Cinematography

  16. Photo of The Chemical Brothers

    The Chemical Brothers Music

  17. Photo of Sarah Greenwood

    Sarah Greenwood Production Design

  18. Photo of Marty Adelstein

    Marty Adelstein Producer

  19. Photo of Leslie Holleran

    Leslie Holleran Producer

  20. Photo of Scott Nemes

    Scott Nemes Producer

  21. Photo of Barbara A. Hall

    Barbara A. Hall Executive Producer

  22. Photo of Paul Tothill

    Paul Tothill Editing

  23. Photo of Lucie Bates

    Lucie Bates Costume Design