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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Ethan's rating of the film Hannie Caulder

    Raquel Welch gives a stellar performance here in this spectacular revenge picture that features some very sinister performances from Jack Elam, Slim Pickens, and Strother Martin.

  2. Catarina C Gomes's rating of the film Hannie Caulder

    Dont burn her house, don't rape her, definitely do not steal her bible.

  3. Ari's rating of the film Hannie Caulder

    You can see its influence on Tarantino's Kill Bill (for better and worse) and, although Kennedy was not a great director, it's a likeable spaghetti western-inspired, post-Peckinpah revenge film with some notable performances, especially Robert Culp, although he makes for a jarring juxtaposition with Welch's non-existent acting abilities.

  4. Th MZA's rating of the film Hannie Caulder

    A fairly entertaining exploitation film -- exactly like Karate Kid except w/ rape and rape flashbacks -- redeemed by one great line: "Like the man said, there aren't any hard women, only soft men." Welch is OK; she lacks tragic weight but gets to show off her bum, winkingly, in form-fitting leather pants. Who was the ghostly shooter at the end, Ben Kenobi?

  5. Jaspar Lamar Crabb's rating of the film Hannie Caulder

    Raquel Welch is terrific and you cannot beat a cast that includes Ernest Borgnine, Strother Martin, Christopher Lee and Diana Dors!