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  1. Photo of Luís Alberto Pereira

    Luís Alberto Pereira Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jorge Neves

    Jorge Neves Producer

  3. Photo of Marlui Miranda

    Marlui Miranda Music

  4. Photo of Lelo Nazario

    Lelo Nazario Music

  5. Photo of Ulrich Burtin

    Ulrich Burtin Cinematography

  6. Photo of Verônica Kovensky

    Verônica Kovensky Editing

  7. Photo of Clíssia Moares

    Clíssia Moares Production Design

  8. Photo of Zeca Nolf

    Zeca Nolf Production Design

  9. Photo of Carlos Evelyn

    Carlos Evelyn Cast

  10. Photo of Ariana Messias

    Ariana Messias Cast

  11. Photo of Darci Figueiredo

    Darci Figueiredo Cast

  12. Photo of Beto Simas

    Beto Simas Cast

  13. Photo of Milton de Almeida

    Milton de Almeida Cast

  14. Photo of Stênio Garcia

    Stênio Garcia Cast

  15. Photo of Sérgio Mamberti

    Sérgio Mamberti Cast

  16. Photo of Cláudia Liz

    Cláudia Liz Cast