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  1. Photo of Murilo Salles

    Murilo Salles Director

  2. Photo of Murilo Salles

    Murilo Salles Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alcione Araújo

    Alcione Araújo Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jorge Durán

    Jorge Durán Screenplay

  5. Photo of João Gilberto Noll

    João Gilberto Noll Screenplay

  6. Photo of Cláudio Marzo

    Cláudio Marzo Cast

  7. Photo of Roberto Bataglin

    Roberto Bataglin Cast

  8. Photo of Susana Vieira

    Susana Vieira Cast

  9. Photo of Meiry Vieira

    Meiry Vieira Cast

  10. Photo of Ênio Santos

    Ênio Santos Cast

  11. Photo of Antonio Pompeo

    Antonio Pompeo Cast

  12. Photo of Marcus Vinicius

    Marcus Vinicius Cast

  13. Photo of José Mayer

    José Mayer Cast

  14. Photo of Fábio Junqueira

    Fábio Junqueira Cast

  15. Photo of Tonico Pereira

    Tonico Pereira Cast

  16. Photo of Ângela Rebello

    Ângela Rebello Cast

  17. Photo of Murilo Salles

    Murilo Salles Producer

  18. Photo of Sergio Saraceni

    Sergio Saraceni Music

  19. Photo of José Tadeu Ribeiro

    José Tadeu Ribeiro Cinematography

  20. Photo of Vera Freire

    Vera Freire Editing

  21. Photo of Carlos Prieto

    Carlos Prieto Production Design