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  1. Photo of Vanessa Jopp

    Vanessa Jopp Director

  2. Photo of Adrienne Bortoli

    Adrienne Bortoli Screenplay

  3. Photo of Oliver Simon

    Oliver Simon Producer

  4. Photo of Frank Evers

    Frank Evers Producer

  5. Photo of Christian Colmorgen

    Christian Colmorgen Producer

  6. Photo of Loy Wesselburg

    Loy Wesselburg Music

  7. Photo of Rainer Klausmann

    Rainer Klausmann Cinematography

  8. Photo of Christian Klopp

    Christian Klopp Cinematography

  9. Photo of Brigitta Tauchner

    Brigitta Tauchner Editing

  10. Photo of Tommy Stark

    Tommy Stark Production Design

  11. Photo of Kai Lüde

    Kai Lüde Sound

  12. Photo of Meret Becker

    Meret Becker Cast

  13. Photo of Hinnerk Schönemann

    Hinnerk Schönemann Cast

  14. Photo of Heidrun Bartholomäus

    Heidrun Bartholomäus Cast

  15. Photo of Stefanie Stappenbeck

    Stefanie Stappenbeck Cast

  16. Photo of Marek Harloff

    Marek Harloff Cast

  17. Photo of Marie-Luise Schramm

    Marie-Luise Schramm Cast

  18. Photo of Fritz Roth

    Fritz Roth Cast

  19. Photo of Carmen-Maja Antoni

    Carmen-Maja Antoni Cast

  20. Photo of Jana Pallaske

    Jana Pallaske Cast

  21. Photo of Bruno Schubert

    Bruno Schubert Cast

  22. Photo of Alexander Hauff

    Alexander Hauff Cast

  23. Photo of Mario Freivogel

    Mario Freivogel Cast

  24. Photo of Moritz Hegewald

    Moritz Hegewald Cast

  25. Photo of Angie Strittmatter

    Angie Strittmatter Cast

  26. Photo of Hans-Jürgen Pabst

    Hans-Jürgen Pabst Cast

  27. Photo of Murali Perumal

    Murali Perumal Cast

  28. Photo of Robert Schupp

    Robert Schupp Cast

  29. Photo of Nicole Wachs

    Nicole Wachs Cast

  30. Photo of Lorenz Willkomm

    Lorenz Willkomm Cast