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  1. Photo of Manuela Dias

    Manuela Dias Screenplay

  2. Photo of Marcelo Gomes

    Marcelo Gomes Screenplay

  3. Photo of Xico Sá

    Xico Sá Screenplay

  4. Photo of Zezé Motta

    Zezé Motta Cast

  5. Photo of Hermila Guedes

    Hermila Guedes Cast

  6. Photo of João Miguel

    João Miguel Cast

  7. Photo of Peter Ketnath

    Peter Ketnath Cast

  8. Photo of Nash Laila

    Nash Laila Cast

  9. Photo of Servilio Holanda

    Servilio Holanda Cast

  10. Photo of Paulo Jacinto dos Reis

    Paulo Jacinto dos Reis Cinematography

  11. Photo of Fábio Trummer

    Fábio Trummer Music

  12. Photo of Erasto Vasconcelos

    Erasto Vasconcelos Music

  13. Photo of Paulo Caldas

    Paulo Caldas Producer, Director, and Screenplay

  14. Photo of Germano Coelho Filho

    Germano Coelho Filho Producer

  15. Photo of Didi Danquart

    Didi Danquart Producer

  16. Photo of Vânia Debs

    Vânia Debs Editing

  17. Photo of Claudio Valdetaro

    Claudio Valdetaro Sound