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  1. Photo of Árpád Bogdán

    Árpád Bogdán Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Lajos Orsós

    Lajos Orsós Cast

  3. Photo of Michaela Göczi

    Michaela Göczi Cast

  4. Photo of Zsolt Kovács

    Zsolt Kovács Cast

  5. Photo of István Szilvási

    István Szilvási Cast

  6. Photo of Roland Tzafetás

    Roland Tzafetás Cast

  7. Photo of Ágnes Daróczi

    Ágnes Daróczi Cast

  8. Photo of Lívia Kursinszki

    Lívia Kursinszki Cast

  9. Photo of Gábor Szabó

    Gábor Szabó Cinematography

  10. Photo of Membran

    Membran Music

  11. Photo of Gábor Rajna

    Gábor Rajna Producer

  12. Photo of Gábor Sipos

    Gábor Sipos Producer

  13. Photo of Márk Györi

    Márk Györi Editing and Cinematography