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  1. Photo of Stole Popov

    Stole Popov Director

  2. Photo of Gordan Mihić

    Gordan Mihić Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ljupco Konstantinov

    Ljupco Konstantinov Music

  4. Photo of Miso Samoilovski

    Miso Samoilovski Cinematography

  5. Photo of Vangel 'Laki' Cemcev

    Vangel 'Laki' Cemcev Editing

  6. Photo of Nikola Lazarevski

    Nikola Lazarevski Production Design

  7. Photo of Jordan Janevski

    Jordan Janevski Sound

  8. Photo of Svetozar Cvetković

    Svetozar Cvetković Cast

  9. Photo of Meto Jovanovski

    Meto Jovanovski Cast

  10. Photo of Vladislava Milosavljević

    Vladislava Milosavljević Cast

  11. Photo of Aco Djorcev

    Aco Djorcev Cast

  12. Photo of Petre Arsovski

    Petre Arsovski Cast

  13. Photo of Dusan Kostovski

    Dusan Kostovski Cast

  14. Photo of Mite Grozdanov

    Mite Grozdanov Cast

  15. Photo of Sinolicka Trpkova

    Sinolicka Trpkova Cast

  16. Photo of Kire Simonovski

    Kire Simonovski Cast

  17. Photo of Ljupco Hadzistojanov

    Ljupco Hadzistojanov Cast

  18. Photo of Ivan Bekjarev

    Ivan Bekjarev Cast

  19. Photo of Mladen Krstevski

    Mladen Krstevski Cast

  20. Photo of Goce Todorovski

    Goce Todorovski Cast

  21. Photo of Milica Stojanova

    Milica Stojanova Cast