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  1. Photo of Thomas Imbach

    Thomas Imbach Sound, Director, Screenplay, Producer & 2 more
    Thomas Imbach Sound, Director, Screenplay, Producer, Editing, Cinematography

  2. Photo of Jürg Hassler

    Jürg Hassler Cinematography, Screenplay Editing

  3. Photo of Linda Olsansky

    Linda Olsansky Cast

  4. Photo of Herbert Fritsch

    Herbert Fritsch Cast

  5. Photo of Angelika Waller

    Angelika Waller Cast

  6. Photo of Ingrid Sattes

    Ingrid Sattes Cast

  7. Photo of Stefan-Hyun Wanner

    Stefan-Hyun Wanner Cast

  8. Photo of Peter Purtschert

    Peter Purtschert Screenplay

  9. Photo of Monika Schmid

    Monika Schmid Costume Design

  10. Photo of Sir Henry

    Sir Henry Music and Cast

  11. Photo of Peter Bräker

    Peter Bräker Music