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  1. Photo of S. Lee Pogostin

    S. Lee Pogostin Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of James Coburn

    James Coburn Cast

  3. Photo of Lee Remick

    Lee Remick Cast

  4. Photo of Lilli Palmer

    Lilli Palmer Cast

  5. Photo of Burgess Meredith

    Burgess Meredith Cast

  6. Photo of Patrick Magee

    Patrick Magee Cast

  7. Photo of Sterling Hayden

    Sterling Hayden Cast

  8. Photo of Claude Dauphin

    Claude Dauphin Cast

  9. Photo of Helen Cherry

    Helen Cherry Cast

  10. Photo of Karen Black

    Karen Black Cast

  11. Photo of Sabine Sun

    Sabine Sun Cast

  12. Photo of Jack Hildyard

    Jack Hildyard Cinematography

  13. Photo of Alex North

    Alex North Music

  14. Photo of Ed Graves

    Ed Graves Production Design

  15. Photo of Marvin Schwarz

    Marvin Schwarz Producer

  16. Photo of Harry W. Gerstad

    Harry W. Gerstad Editing