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  1. spasmolytic's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Philip Seymour Hoffman's one scene steals the whole show.

  2. enkii__bilal's rating of the film Hard Eight

    P.T. Anderson's debut movie.

  3. G. Thomas Esmay's rating of the film Hard Eight

    9/10. Though HARD EIGHT lacks the polish of many of PTA's later films, it nonetheless showcases his great talents as a director and his knack for unconventional father-son stories. Philip Baker Hall and John C. Reilly give incredible performances.

  4. William's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Sucks you right in; shows PTA could do simple and straightforward just as well as his gnarly messy later epics. Philip Baker Hall is grand but I found myself most impressed by Gwyneth Paltrow. It might have been interesting to see someone else in the Sam Jackson role, only because while he is good, he is inevitably always Sam Jackson. PTA's Dad is in the movie line next to John C. Reilly's flaming pants.

  5. Balthaz21's rating of the film Hard Eight

  6. pop_art-i-wish's rating of the film Hard Eight

    The film that launched the career of one of todays great directors. Paul Thomas Anderson utilises a quite unique kind of humble minimalism to his filmmaking which lets this very talented cast produce some fine acting and memorable scenes. Also of special mention are the hilarious inclusion of some velcro shoes and Philip Seymour Hoffman's brief portrayal of an asshole showoff at the craps table. Check it out!

  7. Aaron Dillenbeck's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Good all around but not totally the sum of all its parts. Great character study and nice camera work.

  8. SLionsCricket's rating of the film Hard Eight

    3.5/5 Few of cinema's great directors had the ideal directorial debut. Paul Thomas Anderson is ONE of the great filmmakers and "Hard Eight" is not a perfect debut but it doesn't need to be either. From here to "Boogie Nights" and "Magnolia", the evolution of PTA is quite astonishing.

  9. Rodrigo Morais's rating of the film Hard Eight

    PTA certainly knows how to create good characters

  10. James Mackin's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Samuel L. Jackson was just a charm in this. And so was everyone else.

  11. kubrickhallway's rating of the film Hard Eight

    I’ve seen this a handful of times now, every time liking it less. It has so much going for it, but the last half just goes so far downhill that it spoils a good meal.

  12. Ethan's rating of the film Hard Eight

    This is an engaging debut from Paul Thomas Anderson that would set the tone for his films to come.

  13. selinja's rating of the film Hard Eight

    I loved this film and its characters. Philip Baker Hall's kind and gentle being seeking some sort of redemption. A great script too.

  14. ammar's rating of the film Hard Eight

  15. AlmaBuhagiaR's rating of the film Hard Eight

  16. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Philip Baker Hall, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John C. Reilly, William H. Macy : four aces ! Best of Paul Thomas Anderson.

  17. Christopher McQuain's rating of the film Hard Eight

  18. julia.s's rating of the film Hard Eight

    my least favorite pta movie but considering the fact that it was his debut, it's pretty good

  19. Mister Monkeyman's rating of the film Hard Eight

    I enjoyed this more than some of PTA's bigger and more ambitious films. It allows us as viewers to enter a strange world in which the twisted morality of the craps tables and slot machines has impinged on the lives of the people who struggle to find love and meaning in a place where fates are decided on the spin of a wheel, the roll of a dice.

  20. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Old-school Sydney is cool & sharp. Big baby-boy John is a loser & naive. Waitress-hooker Clementine is a dreamer & stupid. Bad-man Jimmy is greedy & an asshole. The beginning is strong and so is the thrilling & abrupt end. In between there are hangovers. Some vague elements are irritating (Atlantic City, John's father, Jimmy's connection to it). Great cast; Philip Baker Hall outstanding. Above average. 3,5 stars.

  21. James Roth's rating of the film Hard Eight

    it is a great effort for a first feature length project and a great central performance by Philip Baker Hall, there is a nice energy in the camera movement throughout, although the storytelling is slightly slapdash and it is a shame PTA wasn’t given more say in the final cut, I do feel needed more time to be perfected.

  22. Ashley Spendlove's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Loses some of its power as the plot becomes more explicit in the second half but along the way there are so many riches here, not least PTA's extended takes, the tracking shots and a sound world which punctuates extended periods of quiet with shattering violence, itself a comment on the main character Sydney (a brilliantly centred performance by Hall). Reilly is also excellent.

  23. Paul Capewell's rating of the film Hard Eight

    Another PT Anderson film that I watched in isolation and found incredibly engaging and compelling. Some stunning shots and sets, and some great acting and interactions between characters. A frighteningly solid début.

  24. janh24's rating of the film Hard Eight

    A taut, elegant thriller.

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