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  1. Photo of Márcio Reolon

    Márcio Reolon Director, Producer Screenplay

  2. Photo of Filipe Matzembacher

    Filipe Matzembacher Director, Screenplay Producer

  3. Photo of Shico Menegat

    Shico Menegat Cast

  4. Photo of Bruno Fernandes

    Bruno Fernandes Cast

  5. Photo of Guega Peixoto

    Guega Peixoto Cast

  6. Photo of Sandra Dani

    Sandra Dani Cast

  7. Photo of Frederico Vasques

    Frederico Vasques Cast

  8. Photo of Denis Gosh

    Denis Gosh Cast

  9. Photo of Camila Falcão

    Camila Falcão Cast

  10. Photo of Aurea Baptista

    Aurea Baptista Cast

  11. Photo of Larissa Sanguiné

    Larissa Sanguiné Cast

  12. Photo of Zé Adão Barbosa

    Zé Adão Barbosa Cast

  13. Photo of Glauco Firpo

    Glauco Firpo Cinematography

  14. Photo of Felipe Puperi

    Felipe Puperi Music

  15. Photo of Manuela Falcão

    Manuela Falcão Production Design

  16. Photo of Jéssica Luz

    Jéssica Luz Executive Producer and Producer

  17. Photo of Germano de Oliveira

    Germano de Oliveira Editing

  18. Photo of Marcos Lopes

    Marcos Lopes Sound