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  1. Photo of Walter Hill

    Walter Hill Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Paul Maslansky

    Paul Maslansky Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Lawrence Gordon

    Lawrence Gordon Producer

  4. Photo of Bryan Gindoff

    Bryan Gindoff Screenplay

  5. Photo of Bruce Henstell

    Bruce Henstell Screenplay

  6. Photo of Philip H. Lathrop

    Philip H. Lathrop Cinematography

  7. Photo of Charles Bronson

    Charles Bronson Cast

  8. Photo of James Coburn

    James Coburn Cast

  9. Photo of Jill Ireland

    Jill Ireland Cast

  10. Photo of Strother Martin

    Strother Martin Cast

  11. Photo of Margaret Blye

    Margaret Blye Cast

  12. Photo of Michael McGuire

    Michael McGuire Cast

  13. Photo of Felice Orlandi

    Felice Orlandi Cast

  14. Photo of Edward Walsh

    Edward Walsh Cast

  15. Photo of Bruce Glover

    Bruce Glover Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Tessier

    Robert Tessier Cast

  17. Photo of Nick Dimitri

    Nick Dimitri Cast

  18. Photo of Frank McRae

    Frank McRae Cast

  19. Photo of Maurice Kowaleski

    Maurice Kowaleski Cast

  20. Photo of Naomi Stevens

    Naomi Stevens Cast

  21. Photo of Lyla Hay Owen

    Lyla Hay Owen Cast

  22. Photo of John Creamer

    John Creamer Cast

  23. Photo of Robert Castleberry

    Robert Castleberry Cast

  24. Photo of Becky Allen

    Becky Allen Cast

  25. Photo of Joan Kleven

    Joan Kleven Cast

  26. Photo of Anne Welsch

    Anne Welsch Cast

  27. Photo of Fred Lerner

    Fred Lerner Cast

  28. Photo of Jimmy Nickerson

    Jimmy Nickerson Cast

  29. Photo of Chuck Hicks

    Chuck Hicks Cast

  30. Photo of Walter Scott

    Walter Scott Cast

  31. Photo of Max Kleven

    Max Kleven Cast

  32. Photo of Valerian Smith

    Valerian Smith Cast

  33. Photo of Bob Minor

    Bob Minor Cast

  34. Photo of Larry Martindale

    Larry Martindale Cast

  35. Photo of Charles W. Schaefer Jr.

    Charles W. Schaefer Jr. Cast

  36. Photo of Leslie Bonano

    Leslie Bonano Cast

  37. Photo of Ronnie Philips

    Ronnie Philips Cast

  38. Photo of Brion James

    Brion James Cast

  39. Photo of Laura Misch Owens

    Laura Misch Owens Cast

  40. Photo of Roger Spottiswoode

    Roger Spottiswoode Editing

  41. Photo of Barry De Vorzon

    Barry De Vorzon Music

  42. Photo of Michael Colgan

    Michael Colgan Sound

  43. Photo of Donald F. Johnson

    Donald F. Johnson Sound

  44. Photo of Trevor Williams

    Trevor Williams Production Design

  45. Photo of Dennis W. Peeples

    Dennis W. Peeples Production Design