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  1. Photo of Jorge Darnell

    Jorge Darnell Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ricardo Sanz

    Ricardo Sanz Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Solly Wolodarsky

    Solly Wolodarsky Screenplay

  4. Photo of Teo Escamilla

    Teo Escamilla Cinematography

  5. Photo of José Salcedo

    José Salcedo Editing

  6. Photo of Adolfo Waitzman

    Adolfo Waitzman Music

  7. Photo of José Lifante

    José Lifante Cast

  8. Photo of Miguel Ligero

    Miguel Ligero Cast

  9. Photo of Joaquín Roa

    Joaquín Roa Cast

  10. Photo of María Noel

    María Noel Cast

  11. Photo of Alba Múgica

    Alba Múgica Cast

  12. Photo of Alberto Fernández

    Alberto Fernández Cast

  13. Photo of Beatriz Savón

    Beatriz Savón Cast

  14. Photo of Alfonso De Grazia

    Alfonso De Grazia Cast

  15. Photo of Carmen Carrión

    Carmen Carrión Cast

  16. Photo of Antonio Mayans

    Antonio Mayans Cast

  17. Photo of Luis Barboo

    Luis Barboo Cast

  18. Photo of Saturno Cerra

    Saturno Cerra Cast

  19. Photo of Coco Fossati

    Coco Fossati Cast

  20. Photo of Alfonso Pícaro

    Alfonso Pícaro Cast