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  1. Photo of Dennis Iliadis

    Dennis Iliadis Screenplay, Director Producer

  2. Photo of Aleka Laskou

    Aleka Laskou Screenplay

  3. Photo of Katerina Tsavalou

    Katerina Tsavalou Cast

  4. Photo of Danai Skiadi

    Danai Skiadi Cast

  5. Photo of Ioannis Papazisis

    Ioannis Papazisis Cast

  6. Photo of Omiros Poulakis

    Omiros Poulakis Cast

  7. Photo of Andreas Marianos

    Andreas Marianos Cast

  8. Photo of Constantine Markoulakis

    Constantine Markoulakis Cast

  9. Photo of Thimios Bakatakis

    Thimios Bakatakis Cinematography

  10. Photo of Coti K.

    Coti K. Music

  11. Photo of Christos Lainas

    Christos Lainas Music

  12. Photo of Iraklis Mavroidis

    Iraklis Mavroidis Producer

  13. Photo of Yorgos Mavropsaridis

    Yorgos Mavropsaridis Editing

  14. Photo of Yorgos Mikrogiannakis

    Yorgos Mikrogiannakis Sound

  15. Photo of Elli Papageorgakopoulou

    Elli Papageorgakopoulou Costume Design