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  1. Viginti_tres's rating of the film Hardcore

    Shocking that this was made as a studio film, more shocking that it never offends in the way this concept could. Scott's shirts and the sickening score help sell a story that is a lot less shocking now than it may have been in the seventies.

  2. Alex's rating of the film Hardcore

  3. Johnny Seeker's rating of the film Hardcore

    Mesmerizing cinematography! This is actually true, once a daughter is kidnaped and exploited in pornographic films her father turns into a riddle-solving, ass-kicking machine! Just like Batman! George C. Scott is essentially Batman in this film!

  4. Log Lady's rating of the film Hardcore

    Exploring similar themes than Taxi Driver, only having the seedy underbelly of LA as its location, Hardcore doesn't take the easy route of completely moralizing the sex industry, but explores the sleaziness from the perspective of a confused and uncomfortable outsider. And let's face it: the sex industry, like everything else, has its dark side. It's not all fun and games and people who do it for pure pleasure.

  5. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Hardcore

    The other side of L.A.'s Boogie Nights.

  6. Magic Lantern Alison's rating of the film Hardcore

    Excellent. The kind of solid storytelling you expect from Schrader, and an exploration of two very different niche American communities...[Shame Mubi ruined the narrative thread by not working properly]

  7. db's rating of the film Hardcore

    Like "Cruising" or "Reefer Madness," "Hardcore" is in the tradition of films that, in the process of depicting some current hot topic social deviance, also aim to deliver maximum titillation, and wind up getting it all wrong, devolving into total ridiculousness. The final sequences, shot in San Francisco's North Beach, offer both some genuine cinematic punch and the full-on film noir otherwise lacking here.

  8. flaminglyly's rating of the film Hardcore

    good film day.aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  9. lina maj's rating of the film Hardcore

    Overacted/underacted in so many places that it becomes quite a funny film to watch! Liked the 70's fashions and the soundtrack.

  10. Ioana's rating of the film Hardcore

    so stupid and offensive it's hard to believe. also, actually stylish, which only works in its disfavor and it's probably what got it on mubi. I don't think I've seen a movie so stylish and so dumb at the same time. the artistic view is plagued by stereotypes about the sex industry and a 'Reefer Madness' type of mentality.

  11. 1ariane1's rating of the film Hardcore

    I seriously enjoyed this movie. Is it about the sleazy underbelly of American life? Yeah. But it's also about delving into an alien world, getting hurt, shedding skin... The psychology is precise and true, cinematography rich and atmospheric. George C. Scott is simply amazing in this film, a memorable role.

  12. Liam Hemmings's rating of the film Hardcore

    It may be 37 or so years old but this is a hard hitting film. George C. Scott is magnificent. The ending is a little forced and the music is a little distracting. But these are minor complaints.

  13. Mario Tomchev's rating of the film Hardcore

    too light to be taken seriously, but some club sequences are almost total cinema

  14. animalcalls's rating of the film Hardcore

    "Well then we're just alike. I mean, you think sex is so unimportant that you don't even do it. I think it's so unimportant that I don't care who I do it with." Complicated in its sexual politics, HARDCORE could have taken a morally righteous stand on its topic, but it doesn't, and offers something much more nuanced instead.

  15. Samuel Andrade's rating of the film Hardcore

    spiritual pride has it both ways.

  16. Siaudebert's rating of the film Hardcore

    Cliché portrait of the wasps and the porno milieu, but long and slow... Nice décors and bgm

  17. Other Domain's rating of the film Hardcore

    Such a puritan movie after all, which is confirmed by a pathetic ending.

  18. William's rating of the film Hardcore

    Calvinism doesn't get mentioned very much any more so you know this had personal connections for Schrader. The juxtaposition of George C. Scott's Michigan home life w/ his descent into the hell/Sodom & Gomorrah of the porn industry remains viscerally powerful. Despite some B-movie level stuff, Schrader paints the two sides with complexity, while still offering a critique of both extreme world views.

  19. Nancarrow's rating of the film Hardcore

    There's the music & then there's Scott.

  20. saptarshi's rating of the film Hardcore

    it's barely concealed reactionary heart is a turnoff. Peter Boyle is awesome nonetheless.

  21. E's rating of the film Hardcore

    Thank you Schrader and C. Scott.

  22. Umberto L.'s rating of the film Hardcore

    "Taxi Driver - West Coast Edition". It would be interesting to understand why most of the American films of the 1970s are mainly about squalor and violence.

  23. Stephen Campbell's rating of the film Hardcore

    Hugelhugely underated work from and Underated master

  24. CRW's rating of the film Hardcore

    I love this website for exposing me to films like this. Hugely underrated.