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  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Hardware

    De l'action, des décors réussis, une série B fort prenante .....

  2. Rúben A. Jesus's rating of the film Hardware

    Hilariously bad; enjoyed it thoroughly.

  3. Ryan327's rating of the film Hardware

  4. the_mentaculus's rating of the film Hardware

    Hardware is wonderfully effective when it's not being a slasher film. The world-building and production design is excellent for the budget, which hardly ever shows, and there's a cynicism in this dystopia that gives it a timeless edge. There's also an occult subtext if you look hard enough.

  5. Laura Chifiriuc's rating of the film Hardware

    Ah the 90s post apocalyptic movies :)

  6. lowplacelikehome's rating of the film Hardware

  7. Joel's rating of the film Hardware

    Dense lush visual style coupled by perhaps the limited budget create a wonderful vibe, a real feel to this film. Then things get very much focused on a killer robot and some gruesome kills. Still the first half adds to my interest in South African cinema indeed and it indeed earns the cult following it has.

  8. corycorycorycory's rating of the film Hardware

    Why isn't this talked about more?? What a great flick for someone wet behind the ears.

  9. nein's rating of the film Hardware

    Such a smart film, and such a badly done one. I liked it more than I disliked it.

  10. John Matrix's rating of the film Hardware

    There are lots of great things in this film: Iggy Pop's irreverent DJ, William Hootkins (the fat military intelligence agent from RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK) as an insane pervert, the killer M.A.R.K. 13 robot with its ironic American flag paint-job, the pervading sense of doom, a rad soundtrack, etc. Unfortunately, the whole isn't greater than the sum of its parts. HARDWARE is fun but suffers from bad pacing & writing.

  11. Matt's rating of the film Hardware

    One of the best bee-boop horror films ever horror-filmed!

  12. chanandre's rating of the film Hardware

  13. mjgildea's rating of the film Hardware

    Not the most horrible movie I've ever seen but that doesn't mean it wasn't a dumb one. Hardware felt like a 90-minute music video that borrowed liberally from better sci-fi movies while embracing the worst parts of the late 80s and early 90s. Personally, I would've loved to have seen and heard more from the pervert neighbor but that's just me. Other than that some decent imagery but overall some weak storytelling.

  14. dschank's rating of the film Hardware

    as a movie, this is a hot mess. but as an emblem of pre-grunge counterculture, it's kind of amazing. part "mad max," part david cronenberg, part crappy cyberpunk yarn, part KMFDM video. angst-ridden and aimlessly anti-establishment. lots of red camera filters and declarations about how the world is going to hell, some of them delivered by dylan mcdermott! if you fondly remember dave kendall, you may want to watch it.

  15. Dav I.D.'s rating of the film Hardware

    I don't know about the movie, I just know the narrator of this trailer is so ill-fitting it gives me a headache.

  16. Matt Keane's rating of the film Hardware

    The kind of movie you used to see on Moviedrome, being introduced by Alex Cox or Mark Cousins, before terrestrial TV channels had their testicles removed. An atmospheric, technically accomplished, low budget piece of punk sci-fi.

  17. Spurcatu's rating of the film Hardware

    The begging where the mysterious wastelander scraps for reusable robot parts made it really intriguing for me, but after throwing that cheese of a sex scene and the highly static hide and seek game with the robot...well those didn't work for me and turned it in to scraps left for picking. The music was excellent, especially the Public Image Ltd. track.

  18. Palmat's rating of the film Hardware

    Awesome slice of 90´s low budget sci-fi. The premise is pretty decent but it's the execution that sets this movie apart from others like it. The blend of punk attitude, gothic cool, gory violence, sexual perversion, psychedelic acid trips, fun cameos and technical prowess makes this a fun ride.

  19. Siksinaaq's rating of the film Hardware

    An effective mood piece, which you can thank the color pallette and the synth score for, that I am somewhat surprised isn't a bigger cult film (as noted at a comment below). There's an interesting sense of direction and some memorable imagery that makes this low-budget sci-fi horror captivating to watch. Favourite images? Quite a few actually.

  20. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Hardware

    An inventive and original sci-fi thriller makes great use of its low budget with Richard Stanley's sharp filmmaking and some impressive practical special effects. Definitely deserves to be better know, a cult classic.

  21. Malkin's rating of the film Hardware

    "Machines don't understand sacrifice. Neither do morons." Not as grand, personal and otherworldly as Dust Devil, but still endowed with a certain extraterrestrial melancholy.

  22. Publius's rating of the film Hardware

  23. nothere's rating of the film Hardware

    Trash, absolute trash. A film with a plot ripped from elsewhere goes nowhere till its third act where the effects and its philosophy are both equally ridiculous and insipid. Ugly and almost nothing redeemable. Should stay buried and forgotten.

  24. Fabio Cristi's rating of the film Hardware

    M'aspettavo di meglio, però, devo esser sincero.

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