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  1. Photo of Bent Christensen

    Bent Christensen Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Leif Panduro

    Leif Panduro Screenplay

  3. Photo of Osvald Helmuth

    Osvald Helmuth Cast

  4. Photo of Ebbe Rode

    Ebbe Rode Cast

  5. Photo of Gunnar Lauring

    Gunnar Lauring Cast

  6. Photo of Henning Moritzen

    Henning Moritzen Cast

  7. Photo of Lise Ringheim

    Lise Ringheim Cast

  8. Photo of Lily Broberg

    Lily Broberg Cast

  9. Photo of Olaf Ussing

    Olaf Ussing Cast

  10. Photo of Aage Fønss

    Aage Fønss Cast

  11. Photo of Ejner Federspiel

    Ejner Federspiel Cast

  12. Photo of Einar Reim

    Einar Reim Cast

  13. Photo of Ernst Schou

    Ernst Schou Cast

  14. Photo of Johannes Krogsgaard

    Johannes Krogsgaard Cast

  15. Photo of Kjeld Arnholtz

    Kjeld Arnholtz Cinematography

  16. Photo of Niels Rothenborg

    Niels Rothenborg Music

  17. Photo of Erik Aaes

    Erik Aaes Production Design

  18. Photo of Preben Philipsen

    Preben Philipsen Producer

  19. Photo of Kirsten Christensen

    Kirsten Christensen Editing

  20. Photo of Lene Møller

    Lene Møller Editing

  21. Photo of Ole Mørck

    Ole Mørck Sound